The Suit Makes It Serious

When you get a box of bees, they come in a little mobile home. You drop the whole thing into your hive and slam on the lid. The next day, you have to take their mobile home out. If you don't, they'll think it's part of the hive and you'd have a mess. Or they would. Either way, it'd be a lot harder to extract honey. That's why we're doing it.

The bees don't like you messing with their little trailer and their new home, so for this task Charlie put on his full beekeeping suit and veil. This is the first time he's had to wear it. It's so clean and business-like, as if it's his first day on a real job.

What do you do on the first day of your new job? Take a photo. So I did from the comfort of the living room. It's cold outside!

He left about an hour ago. Dressed like this, there's not a lot of places he'd go. He must be up there, like he was last night, simply watching his new pets. Last night he had a cigar and beer up there, watching and celebrating. I hope that's not what he's doing now.