Hungry Planet, Part II, Completely Guilt-Free

India looks delicious.

Have a look at these eleven photos of families from around the world, sitting around their dining table, with their dining table filled with all the food they consume in a typical week.

After doing the Hunger Challenge, I can't stop myself from doing math every time I see a carrot. How many of those people, how many people of the six and a half billion alive now, must by on less than the $4 a day a person allotted for food stampers in the United States? The Hunger Challenge forces you to be aware of not only what you eat but how you eat and where you get it.

How low on the food chain must you go? You can make that conclusion yourself by looking at the brightly-dressed, happy-looking Guatemalan family and compare them to not only the narwhal-eating Canadians but the stuffy French. (Honestly - you already have a bad rep. The young woman sitting on the left looks as if she's thinking that, yeah, my cat eats better than you.)

And what the hell is with those Luxembourgers?

Hungry Planet: What the World Eats