Hard Choices

Lulu is an amazing dog. She's a dog, though, and when you have to decide hard life choices, you have to consider people first. So sadly, we have to do what's best for her. She's going to move to Olympia on February 21st to be with my cousin Annette and her family. Her daughter, Ariana (on the right with Evan and Swedish pancakes), loves Lulu and insisted on seeing her when they stopped by last weekend. I saw how much Lulu needed a little girl. Charlie and I love Lulu but we're not kids. Dogs without kids just doesn't seem right.

Without Harley, Lulu is so stressed and lonely she had head tremors. Now she's just bored. We aren't home much, so we feel guilty leaving her. We're putting our condo up for sale and that might be stressful enough to cause Lulu more head tremors. She already knows something's up.

More about our life changes later. Now, it's time for Lulu to have a little family of her own. Since she's our family, it's the hardest thing I've done this century. If you aren't a dog person, you can laugh now. I would have done the same, pre-Lulu. She's changed my life and I love having such a cute, low maintenance, fat sausage of a dog welcoming me home as if I were the best thing on the planet.

We'll miss you, Wubu.