Get a Hobby or Two

I made my daughter stand in front of the Apple store on Waikiki beach so I could take a picture. It's important to 1): take pictures which will be embarrassing to your kids later, 2): take pictures of all the things you enjoy, as many as possible in one photo, and 3): have a hobby or something to do like take pictures so you aren't the most boring person in the room.

We had fun in Hawaii and I have the pictures to prove it. I brought my crocheting, as I'm pretending to make a baby blanket for Stella. Maybe I'll get it done when she's still technically a baby. Maybe not.

It was too hard to look at yarn when there were sea turtles within ten miles of us. Sitting still is better done when it's raining and you're looking forward to a vacation, not while you're on it. Unless you're on the plane. Then it's a good excuse to avoid talking to the freaky fat man sitting across the aisle with his mom/wife who insists on flossing for the whole flight while he asks her nutritional-type questions about the airplane food.

I used to write in a little book I carried with me everywhere. It got to the point where I was blatently writing down everything I overheard people saying around me. I got a lot of weird glances but I got a lot of crazy stuff immortalized in little notebooks all over my house, which I eventually threw away.

If I had a notebook while on that flight, you'd get exact quotes from the fat man and his mom/wife.

See why hobbies are good?