Green Sinning

I'm sinning! I'm driving instead of taking the bus or riding my bike, or even walking.

PCC is three miles away. Bus #44 goes straight there from the bus stop right on my very corner. It's about a 15 minute ride and the bus comes every 15 minutes. For $2, that's pretty convenient. If you were designing a bus route just for me, this would be it.

I walk as much as I can so three miles each way is nothing. In fact, I'll be doing exactly that as soon as I finish this. So why aren't I walking to PCC?

I should be riding my environmentally friendly 1977 Raleigh, as that would be fun and a good way to start the day. I can't. I have visions of the snow and it makes me cold just thinking of my bike. It's still dark in the morning. I don't want to die.

These are pathetic excuses that I wouldn't accept. The real reason I'm driving? Besides the fact that I'm lazy and wait until the last minute to leave, always? I have a Yaris which gets almost 40 miles to the gallon and gas is cheap. Parking permits for the whole quarter cost $33.

To me, buying just a little more gas and spending a one-time fee of $33 for parking seems so much easier than having to find $2 in cash first thing in the morning. And for $4 a day (or $8 if I go and come back) divided up per day, I can get gas, parking permit, and more than one cup of coffee for the same price.

Is that bad?