Being Green

I'm obviously taking a different path toward being green. I'm wandering off the straight, wide freeway of militant paper-savers but hey, I'm still moving forward, right?

Can you be green without being obsessed? Please tell me yes.

I read about 30 or more blogs about being frugal, which to me is on this same path. Some of the cheapskates get exclamation point-crazy about coupons for crappy food-like substances or driving across town to save a penny for gas. Other blogs make fun of the penny-pincher extremists. I notice the penny-pinchers don't comment. Is it because they don't subscribe to practical blogs? Or are they too busy washing out plastic sandwich bags to notice?

I have to confess: the crazies are much more fun to read. But you can only play these tightwad games so long before you realize you could have better spent all that time calculating price per wearing of each clothing item your family owns* by doing . . . anything else.

My credit cards are starving and it feels great. I'm certainly not starving and that doesn't feel as good. Does anyone really want to hear about someone else's weight gains or losses? If you're tempted to tell someone, please stop. Save your energy for something less self-absorbed.

And while your saving your energy, relax. Extreme people are hard to be around, whether it's extreme green or extreme diet plans. Unless you're blogging. Then go extreme all you want (if you can spare a minute from making your own laundry detergent to write something down). It makes much better reading.

*Here's how you calculate clothing value: divide the cost of an item by how many times you've worn it. A $10 shirt I wore twice is $5 per wearing and a $30 shirt I wore 80 times is .37 and 1/2 cents per wearing. Which one is a better deal?

(Isn't Jazlin just delightful? She's in Dylan's new, now paid off, awesome car.)