Thank You For Your Service

All we can do now is look back and move forward.

Looking back, there are so many things we'd have done differently. Unless you have a time machine, you can't change what's already happened.

It's only today, only right now, that we get to choose what we do.

We can waste that time complaining about what we'd rather be doing or we can be grateful for what we have.

You never completely know everything.

Isn't it odd how you don't think about what you're grateful for until crazy things happen to shake you up?

I'm still shaken, but I don't count. I'm the wife of the other Captain. Nobody would miss me if I weren't there, but I was there. I watched my husband work through all the work. I asked too many questions. I thought a little too much about what I'd do in other people's shoes. I'm nobody but I was affected by the effects of someone else's random act of violence. It's a crazy thing, life.

Here are photos I took during the procession and before the memorial began.

Charlie spoke after the Governor; one amazing speech after another, putting words and focus to the stuff going around in our heads.

We can either get angry or we can deal with it. It's pretty obvious we can only change what's right in front of us.

None of us suspected we'd be dealing with anything like this.