Revolution Out The Window

Look what was going on outside the Habitat offices! So much horn-honking, you'd have thought Jeff Merkley still was in charge around here. (C'mon Jeff! Bring the votes home!)

With this win, I'm transformed. I have no reason to be cynical. I'm going to be the best citizen I can be. I want to be deserving of the opportunity to live in this great country during this historic time. I'm so grateful!

Day One of the Revolution!

When John McCain made politician-sounding attacks toward Barack Obama, Barack Obama didn't reply. He didn't return the punch, he didn't even acknowledge most of the attacks, and he stayed so steady. He was not even paying attention, it seemed.

I was so annoyed about Obama's lack of attacking back that I wrote his campaign several emails. I told them, "Stop going Dukakis on them! Stop Kerrying the Swift Boaters!" When someone tries to hit you, you hit them first and fast, right? No?

After a while, and particularly during the debates, I saw how well this deflection worked. You can't get someone to get out of control if they laugh or ignore what you say. Deflecting, or turning away (or changing) is very powerful, more powerful than anything you can say.

The revolution starts today. The future is back! And for my part, I'm staying cool. I saw how well it worked to just, well, grow up. Nobody attacks me like McCain attacked Obama, so I can do it. Being above it means not fighting back. You can't be had if you don't believe it, or don't even act like you hear it.

You too, Charlie, my dear husband. No more "going Irish" when you get angry. You can do whatever you want, of course, but I think you're a strong, powerful guy and if you follow Obama's example of staying cool, you will show how cool you are, too.

Steve Case, the guy who started AOL, started a company called Revolution, "a company that seeks to drive transformative change by shifting power to consumers." Somebody who starts AOL has to be consumer-oriented to be in business. The politics of hope say the new President seeks to drive transformative change by shifting power to citizens. Revolution!